Agricultural Trends

Trees – the climate champion


A single tree not only contributes to the wellbeing of humans and animals, but also has a positive effect on the air, climate and water. Our illustration shows why trees are so important for our planet.

As an indispensable supplier of energy and raw materials, forests create jobs and are thus the basis of life for millions of people. But trees can do even more. They contribute to the protection of species, offer people recreation and are of great importance for the climate. Trees bind carbon and thus reduce the greenhouse effect. They regulate the water balance and protect against erosion. In our illustration we have looked at a tree and its functions for the environment.

Tree Map Default Tree Map CO2-Speicher Tree Map Sauerstoffproduzent Tree Map Regenmacher Tree Map Schadstofffilter Tree Map Schattenspender Tree Map Sturmbremse Tree Map Wasserfilter Tree Map Wasserspeicher Tree Map Klimaanlage btn-co2speicher btn-sauerstoffproduzent btn-regenmacher btn-schadstofffilter btn-schattenspender btn-sturmbremse btn-wasserfilter btn-wasserspeicher btn-klimaalage1 btn-klimaalage2

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