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What is harvested in October and November


While temperatures are falling in the northern hemisphere and autumn is well advanced, spring is taking its course in the southern hemisphere. Despite different seasons and temperatures, farmers in numerous regions of the world are harvesting grain, fruit and vegetables.

Most people know when the harvest season is in their own region. After all, at this time you can see harvesters in operation around the clock in the fields. But when do farmers in other countries actually bring in their crop? It is occasionally forgotten that in the northern hemisphere many European farmers still harvest in late autumn. Root vegetables in particular, but also some types of grain, can even withstand the first light frosts. The southern hemisphere is in meteorological spring in October/November and the main harvest season still lies ahead. However, early varieties are ripe at this time of year. One thing is certain, even if the machines are at a standstill on your own latitude – a harvester is always in operation somewhere in the world. Discover on our interactive world map what is being harvested where.

What is harvested where in October/November?

Harvest Map Default Harvest Map Getreide Harvest Map Grünfutter Harvest Map Körnermais Harvest Map Raps Harvest Map Reis Harvest Map Silagemais Harvest Map Sojabohnen Harvest Map Sonnenblumen Harvest Map Zuckerrohr btn-getreide btn-gruenfutter btn-koernermais btn-raps btn-reis btn-silagemais btn-sojabohnen btn-sonnenblumen btn-zuckerrohr

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