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Up-to-date figures are giving an overview of the digitalisation of agricultural machinery

From the bird’s eye perspective, it is not possible to determine whether the tractor is driving autonomously, controlled by the GPS system's satellites, or whether the farmer is still steering himself. The fact is that the digitisation of agricultural machinery is on the rise. And the industry is reporting good figures. Global turnover is more than 100 billion euros every year.
These pickings are essentially shared by five companies: The American AGCO, of which Fendt is also a part, the German company Claas, Deere & Company from the USA, CNH Industrial from the United Kingdom and Kubota from Japan. The world's largest tractor is called Big Bud and it's already an old-timer – it was built in 1977 as a one-off production. It is over eight metres long, about six metres wide and over 14 metres high (http://www.williamsbigbud.com/about-us/). It's equipped with a 16-cylinder turbo diesel and has a torque of 3,200 newton-metres. Fendt's most powerful model, the Fendt 1100 MT, is powered by a 12-cylinder engine from AGCO Power and achieves a torque of 2,840 newton-metres.


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