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Beautiful and irreplaceable – and infallible too? Where we lack perspective, visual artificial intelligence can help.

Bright blue, velvety brown, shimmering green, sometimes even streaked with specks of gold – the human eye is both beautiful and fascinating. Sight is our most important sensory perception. We use it to observe our environment, notice dangers and assess important situations and incidents in an instant. But the human eye does not always see everything. Where our sensory organ reaches its limits, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can step in. For example in agriculture. Farmers usually have a very good eye and years of expertise in detecting plant diseases. The general rule is: the faster the farmer reacts, the better. If time is wasted unnecessarily, pests or fungi can spread at lightning speed and destroy entire crops. In the future, visual artificial intelligence could detect plant diseases much more quickly than the human eye. And that's not all: in addition to diagnosis, AI could also determine subsequent recommendations for action in conjunction with Smart Farming and treat the plant quickly.


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