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Playful colors


Not only beautiful, but also useful. This picture looks like a painting. However, it provides information that is helpful, for example, for agriculture, environmental monitoring or flood monitoring.

A blue that makes you want to sink into it and that powerfully stretches out its arms. And yet, neither the bright pink nor the neon green doesn't let itself get down and finds its place. But this imaginative play of colours is not art, it is a real existing landscape.

The satellite image, taken with Sentinel-II, comes from VISTA Geowissenschaftliche Fernerkundung GmbH and is based on data from the Copernicus space program of the European Space Agency ESA. The image shows the Yukon, a wild, mountainous and sparsely populated area in northwestern Canada. Besides Mount Logan, Canada's highest peak, there are also numerous glaciers, mountain lakes and the Alsek River in this area.

VISTA GmbH processes satellite data and produces a variety of different maps, such as "TalkingFields" maps. These are of great benefit in intelligent agriculture, the so-called Smart Farming. For example, the maps can be used to identify on a small-scale the areas within a field that produce high yields and those that are less yielding.

Together with BayWa, VISTA has been involved in the international Copernicus Masters competition for three years. The aim of the competition is to discover further business ideas for the civilian use of satellite data and to promote their market maturity together with partner companies. BayWa - one of nine partners in 2020 - is explicitly looking for satellite-based innovations for agriculture in their "Smart Farming Challenge" category. Since 2011, the Copernicus Masters competition has been initiated every year by the ESA and AZO Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen.


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