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Horse keeping plays a big role in Europe. Discover interesting facts about these graceful animals here.

They can move gracefully but also pull heavy loads. They have assisted humankind for over five thousand years. Untiring thoroughbreds, sporty warmbloods, robust coldbloods or hardy ponies and small horses - hundreds of breeds have been bred over the ages to serve diverse purposes. There are around 4.5 million horses in the European Union. France comes out on top with 840,000 animals, followed by Great Britain, where 800,000 horses are kept. Across Europe, 1.7 million horses are involved in sporting activities. In Germany, alone, approximately 1.7 million people spend their free time with horses. Be it riding or vaulting, carriage pulling or breeding - high-quality feed is essential to the health and performance of horses. This is a market segment which is growing all across Europe.


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